Paradise Lake Campground
200 Paradise Drive, Hammonton, NJ


Parking – VEHICLES WILL NO LONGER BE PERMITTED TO REMAIN IN THE CAMPGROUND AFTER UNLOADING. Vehicles will be permitted into the campground having approximately 1 hour to unload before moving it into the parking area outside the main ticket gate. This avoids overcrowding in the campground, and allows prime camping space for Camp Jammers. Noncompliance will result in vehicles being towed at the vehicle owners expense. You will be able to bring your vehicle back in on Sunday to pack up.  If you plan to sleep in your vehicle, you will be given a special pass to display and we will be confirming throughout the weekend that you are indeed sleeping in the vehicle.

Vehicles with valid handicapped tags or placards will be permitted to keep their vehicle with them at their campsite. Registration/HC credentials must match attendee, in other words, don’t steal you grandmas HC placard.

Dogs - We deeply regret that due to two extreme incidents in 2016 alone, we can no longer allow dogs to attend the festival. We understand that the majority of the dogs are well behaved and are under control, but we’ve seen two people and one dog seriously injured. We cannot take the chance of having a child maimed or disfigured if they happen to get caught in the middle of a viscous dog fight. We cannot be expected to weigh dogs, confirm dogs have their shots or screen them in any way.

Hot Showers/Bathrooms – Great news, we now have hot water in the bathhouse and we will be selling shower passes at the front gate. The cost will be $3 each or 4/$10, feel free to share with friends to get this discount. To ensure the bathrooms are well maintained and functional we will now have hired staff to oversee the bathrooms. Bathroom hours are: Wednesday 2 pm – 8 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8am - 8pm and Sunday 8 am – noon.

Sunday departure – Everyone must leave the campground Sunday afternoon, NO LATER than 3 pm. You must take all of your belongings with you, as no one will be available on site to let you back in at a later time or date to retrieve any belongings left behind. Any camping gear (tents, chairs, canopies, etc) that are left behind will be disposed of. Anything of real value that is lost (phones, keys, glasses, etc) will be held by us and can be identified and claimed via facebook or email at


Sites are on a first come first served basis, we will allow saving of space so that you can camp with your friends, but we ask that you don’t take more than you really need. Campers can start coming in on Wednesday, but there will be an additional fee for the extra night, please see ticket page. There are sites that will accommodate large RV’s, with a limited number of hook ups.

Please note that there will be a $5 parking fee for every vehicle entering the campground whether you are staying overnight or just day parking.


Can I buy a day pass if I'm not camping? Due to the logistics and the layout of the campground it is impossible for us to monitor when people leave. Therefore we have no choice but to charge a flat fee whether you're camping or not.

Can I bring food and/ or coolers into the campground? Camp Jam does not have any vendors who sell any kind of liquor therefore you are permitted to bring in coolers with anything you choose. But please note that we cannot allow glass bottles on the beach or anywhere outside your campsite so please bring refreshments in plastic or cans or cups. There will be vendors selling food all weekend but you are permitted to bring your own if you so choose.

Can I bring a golf cart or any other motorized vehicle into the campground? The campground insurance policies do not allow for guests to utilize any type of motorized vehicle unless it is necessary for handicapped persons or special needs and you must provide proof of insurance.

Are dogs permitted? No.

Can we have individual fires at our campsite? No.

Will we be permitted to bring chairs and or sun canopies to the music area? Chairs are permitted, we would just ask that high-back chairs set up in the rear of the festival grounds. The same applies to any sun canopies.

Is the campground handicapped accessible? The campground is completely flat with no hills or obstructions for handicapped persons, however it would be difficult for anybody to be right up in front of the stage due to the stage being set up on a sandy beach. If special accommodations are required, we will be happy to work with you.

Are there special workshops and or activities for children? Yes there are several workshops including a coffee Jam with musicians playing while you're having coffee and breakfast, yoga classes, a guitar workshop, a tie-dye workshop, a young artist workshop, and a kids activities and crafts workshop. Details are posted on the website under " workshops".

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